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Held every Thursday during July and August, organized by the Šibenik tourist board, are the Evening of "Klapa" songs. These evenings are organized so that the "klapa" tradition of Šibenik and its surrounding could be presented and improved. The entire event takes place in the old part of town on a beautiful square surrounded by old houses. The public's desire for this type of musical evenings in Šibenik is the best way to judge the need for it to be held.


"Dalmatian Chanson Evenings" is a festival of the authentic Dalmatian song that has been held in Šibenik since 1998. It presents the original Dalmatian song which does not give up the pop-song but has an inclination to the chanson - a song whose most important expression is a verse.


The Off Festival Blues & Jazz Šibenik is the full name of an excellent musical event that has been taking place in Šibenik since 2007. In the centre of Šibenik, in the picturesque atmosphere of the stone I.G. Kovačić Square, by the walls of St. Francis’ Monastery, for three nights in July, the best national and world jazz and blues performers come to Šibenik.


This event has been make real thanks to the long-time collaboration of the Sjena Dance Association from Šibenik, the Kelkope professional dance ensemble from Zagreb, which is also the main organizer.
The Šibenik Dance Festival is the only one in this part of Europe that offers excellent dance education for young dancers, relaxation and a full evening’s show programme for all dance lovers, for Šibenik citizens as well as for its numerous guests.
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Regius is a regional cultural and music festival that represents alternative genres and takes place in September on Jadrija city beach. Besides the excellent concert programme, visitors can enjoy a rich daily programme that includes a number of cultural and music workshops as well as sports tournaments. The festival provides a free camp site and safe accommodation in the beautiful pine tree forest.


Salsa Beach Splash Festival is the largest open-air dance show which takes place at the end of July in the Solaris hotel village. Part of the dance evenings takes place in the old city centre of Šibenik as well. The festival brings together over 1000 dance enthusiasts as well as over 200 instructors from around the world including world famous dancers and choreographers. It offers its visitors 7 days of excellent entertainment.


Supertoon is an international animated film festival that is held in the old city center of Šibenik. Through the showing of foreign and domestic animated films (up to 30 minutes long) and several competitions, the festival provides a broad overview of artistic expression, for adults and children. Supertoon creates an area for direct communication between authors, producers, journalists and students, giving them the opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss future cooperation.